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"Most people go through their whole lives without engendering such hateful feelings in other people that they receive death wishes."

I once had my very own stalker.
He had a receding hairline, coke bottle bottom glasses, and a Bernie Katz pushbroom mustache.
He was furiously scribbling notes in his notepad while sitting in his blue cavalier SS.
He'd periodically look through his binoculars at my house, then take more notes.
Oddly, he never looked towards his left.
If he had, he'd have seen me standing there watching him.

What did I do to garner such rapt attention?
Well, *cough* little short skinny me just had to be 'to the right' of him in political views, and he was on a CRUSADE!!
Yes, my poor little confused stalker was upset that someone had a differing opinion from his own.
{Stoning offense! Stamp out nonconformity!]

I tired of staring at him after awhile, and then asked him if I could lend a hand.
He looked at me as if an elephant had fisted him in the arse with its trunk, dropped his 'spy gear', then floored it.
I was lucky to keep my arm.

I don't know where he went, but he left me alone after that.
Maybe if I find him, we can set him up with Kelly Preterson?

That's definitely the author of that "breakfast of champions" line.

This one: http://romance.unclewaltersrants.com/2010/03/sniff-sniff-when-did-you-put-wheaties-down-here.html ? What makes you think that? I'm genuinely curious. It's a rather random association to make to my mind. It could TOTALLY be her, though. I mean, I figure it's got to be someone that is terribly offended by the idea that the brilliant "literature" she produces isn't appreciated in the manner she believes it should be. And it's definitely a woman. Despite Matt's stalker, women are the only ones who are ever THAT sensitive to being criticized, and they're the ones sneaky enough to behave this way. A man? He'd yell at you and call you names, but he'd never go about wishing death on you. That's left to the "gentler" more "maternal" sex.

BTW, Matt, I have only really had an on-line stalker. I've actually wondered if this was written by her, but I don't think so. Historically she has ONLY attacked me, and has never said anything negative to or about Uncle Walter. I think she's very intimidated by men.

Oh, sorry, I was just joking. That horrible line is the one that has stayed in the back of my head every time I visit this site- every quote I read I'm like- ok, that was bad, but not as bad as that "breakfast of champions" line, or damn, that line makes "breakfast of champions" seem good!

I just picked that line because, like most that you post, it was really inexcusable...

Have you checked your quotes to see if you've ever posted anything by an author of that name?

Yep. And done a search on the name (both spellings). There are a few people with that name, some that even seem to have some references to reading in profiles and such. But no one that fits the type of person or persona illustrated here.

That's so funny about the quote! It really is very bad. But I hadn't though of it as the "worst" -- there are so many bad ones! lol

Spoiled for choice, really.

I don't really know what my stalkers motivations were other than he was upset that I had a different opinion on life than he had.

Yeah, a female stalker will break into your house, kill your plants, eat your goldfish and cook your dog.
Maybe she'll try to seduce one of your friends in order to get close to you the 'real' target.

I've only had the one stalker.
We moved, he can have fun staring at the old place.

Stalkers do tend to graduate in severity.
First they fantasize, then they obsess, then they plan, then they attempt to act.
When rebuffed, they graduate to hatred, then they plot again, this time to injure and punish the target for rejecting them.
It may actually be your stalker, she may have made a leap in action.
She may have gone from being intimidated by men to feeling threatened by them.

But either way, our lovely insanobot sure is offended by us ripping on poorly written romance.
[By the way, I AM tempted to purposefully write bad romance just to keep us 'in supply'!]

Dead hedgehog ~ muff. Poor oyster. Those are the two quotes I always remember.

Lewis Carroll wrote a book of absolute nonsense and it turned out 1,000 times better than these authors who tried to make a coherent, sensual/sexy/romantic story.

Twas Brillig, and the slithey toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe!
All mimsey were the burrough groves, and the mome raths, outgrabe!

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