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He's battling the latest super villian, MegaQueef the Flabberer.
Soon he'll be tired and bored from his exertions and she'll destroy him.

Is it just me, or are the excerpts getting grosser? Because there's no way I'd ever find this romantic or enticing, even if I was high on recreational drugs.

This book has soooo many horrible, horrid quotes in it. We will definitely use it again. I don't know if it's that they're getting worse so much as we've had more access to electronic books and because of that we've had more access to truly awful books. This book (well, short story), is *particularly* terrible.

Male rock star is gay "because" he was raped, on his 13th birthday, by a male cousin -- and he liked it. Shortly after he had the sexual encounter described above (and OMG, the descriptions get MUCH worse). Since she was nasty, he decided he was gay. He'd occasionally have anal sex with women or let them perform oral sex, but always in a very rough, unpleasant way, since they were groupies and he was more punishing them about it. Young girl -- not even 18 -- goes to great lengths to meet him on his tour bus, he immediately assumes she wants sex but... she smells good. And he kinda wants to see what her vagina looks like. And so they're GOING to have sex, but he peeks down and *gasp* notices her hymen. See, she wants him to have sex with her so that her first time will be with him since her paraplegic aunt's husband is going to rape her once she turns 18 -- the next day. He offers to help her, but she says no, she just wants sex, so he says okay (great guy). She's come "prepared" -- she bought a "Plan B" kit to use after uncle-in-law rapes her. And oh, the vaginal sex is great! Suddenly he's not gay! Even though she offers anal, he says he "liked" having sex with her, so he doesn't need it. But, of course, they do it anyway. And it's wonderful. And then the story ends. That's it. You have to buy book TWO to find out whether uncle-in-law rapes her and whether he truly has gone "straight" for her, 'cause she smells like soap. Or something. And no, I'm not making any of that up. Read the reviews. It was TERRIBLE.

Maybe she came from Soapland?

Isn't self publishing wonderful.

I'm not so certain it was so much self published as it was coughed up and written in toad liver ink on cowhide parchments.

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