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Butt I got nothing!

He didn't know that to get the diamond pick in Minecraft he had to go deeper.

Well... that's okay, I guess. 'Cause I've got an idea traipsing around in my brain, and we're probably going to use it. I was really hopeful that someone could come up with a fun caption. It's such a bad quote!

It is good that we are able to take the business loans and it opens up new chances.

Hey, Pansy, What does that have to do with the quote?!
Just for that, we'll twist it into a perverted proposition!

"It is good that we are able to take the business loans and it opens up new chances." he said as her butt cheeks flabbered around his erection.
It was the dirtiest business transaction he'd ever performed.
And he was certain that flute had been places during band camp.

Well, shoot, Matt, I was just going to delete the Spam comment. Instead, I'll just make it so you can't click through.

Best use of spam yet, as twisted commentary.

Falling into a vat of nuclear waste as a child hadn't made him a superhero, but the glow under his belt sure impressed the ladies.

She thought his casting couch technique was rather odd.
He thought the interview for the philharmonic was going rather swell.

"But that's not what that means!"

Just seconds before his music tutor had said, "Remember.. spare the rod, spoil the child."


And she obviously wasn't sparing his rod?

"NO! NO! NO! To start a campfire you rub STICKS together!"

Of course, Aaron realized this was a ridiculous metaphor: Kong would make it barely a single dick-story up before being knocked off by the giant wiggling butt. Indeed, the things would have gone much better in the movie if they'd gone with ass-wiggling instead of biplanes.

He never thought he'd ever get to see the classic British play The Golden Rump performed in person.

Damn that Doctor Frankenstein and his lightning tower.

His balls always suffered from static cling.

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