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... That doesn't happen in Zelda! What did he play on his ocarina to get this?!

No, I have no idea why glowing blue balls & a crystal flute made me think of Zelda.

Move along people, nothing to see here. -Officer Barbrady (South Park)

Jiggling butts, check. King-Kong erection, check. Glowing testes, check. Oh, a crystal flute? Okay, check.
This'll be the best Ja-porn-amation film of the year!

Damn. He knew he shouldn't have taken that cheap vacation tour to Chernobyl. Who knew the radiation would still mutate the people!

There is a joke here about spanking the monkey, but I am too dazzled by that atomic blue glow to make it.

We were thinking of a cock-monkey reference, but it wasn't coming together.

When size queens judge by jigglybutt.

Sure she thought it was big, but her disappointment was evident once she made him break his crystal flute..

Objects in butt crack may be smaller than they appear.

Isn't that like a Trunk Monkey?



Trunk Monkey.
Only apply it to our quote.
Sheesh my brain is fried today, I can't think of how to word it..

Too bad for him her vagina gaped open enough to have its own zip code and congressional district.

Her sexual King Kong slapped for his Penis Air Force, but they were grounded from cracked wings.

Secretly she laughed at his tiny endowment, but with all the drugs he'd been pumped full of he'd have seen fleas the size of tanks.

His blood flow - along with his brain cells - headed south. All he could see was the atomic blue glow before everything went dark.

This was by far the worst recital Aaron had ever given.

This one time at Band camp I stuck a flute...

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