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Wham bam thank you Shazam?

At least there wasn't a Mummies Alive reference.
"The Strength of RA!"

... Wasn't "Shazam" a kids movie with Shaquille O'Neal?


The movie you're thinking of was Kazaam, I believe.

Well, I was close. He's the first image that popped into my head with that quote (not good). He was a genie & he granted wishes, right?

Obviously the heat today is not nice to my brain.

The heat is MURDEROUS. Ugh! I think you've got the movie right, but to be honest... I've never seen it.

I was being home-schooled that year. Channel surfing, I saw bits & pieces.

Likely excuse. I bet you watched it. You seem like you'd like bad movies. You go all MST3K on them, don't you?

There was a tv show EONS ago called "Shazam" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071050/ I was a mere babe. lol. Anyway, the boy said "SHAZAM!" and turned into a superhero. Cute show. But I'm definitely showing my age.

Nah, I don't remember what happened. I usually preferred cartoons like Animaniacs, Looney Tunes or Tex Avery toons (i.e. Droopy Dog) & old movies with actors like Cary Grant & Constance Bennett ("Topper").

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