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reminds me of "Bug's Life" when the moths are drawn to the light "I can't help it, it's so beautiful!"

Weird mix of descriptions here. Honeybees tightening up. And having the lamplight burn the skin? LOL

Loose honeybees? Or the nipples tightened like honeybees? On honeybees? Bee-stung?

And why is she shoving her nipples into lamps? Does that help bee stings?

... I think I may analyze too much. ;-}

Dark as honeybee's tightened.
Hmm.. I'm not certain that even makes sense.
Honeybees aren't dark.
Unless they're KILLER bees.
And what was she doing putting her nipples into the lamp?
That's some serious strange fetish there.

Don't get Wife started on fetishes - or she'll overanalyze! LOL j/k Wife.

But.. but... I'm GOOD at getting people started on fetishes!

do it at your own risk, Matt! LOL

Damn the ballgags, full speedo ahead!

Regarding fetishes... I resemble that remark. :D

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