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That is awful.

Reminds me of "Deep Throat" in a way.

Wait, he's some kind of horny moleman?

Lame, lame, lame description of a sex scene.

LOL Matt. All I think of with "Moleman" is The Simpsons, and that is one REALLY bad visual.

There were two other quotes from the same book, but this one was the best (worst?).

I got this bizarre image in my head dealing with molemen.
Little red riding hood is walking through the woods and a mole with the head of Tom Cruz pops out of the ground.
He wiggles his paws at her and says in a squeaky voice, "Who's your daddy?"
She goes to back up, but there are more Tom Cruz moes bck there, and they al;l start giving her a chorus of "Who's your daddy?"

I apologize if this breaks any minds reading it.

See, I can totally live with that visual. Better than moleman having sex.

Ah yes, but afterwards, Little Red was in trouble.
Multiple MoleCruz Molestation.

Ah, but she got off.

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