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Orgy? She the dominant? strange if not.

She lives with a bunch of different lovers, her the focus of the polyamorous group -- and all the men are about 5'4". Or so I've been told.

Oh. Ok. Snow white and the 7 tom cruises. Ok.

I don't think she could reasonably be called "Snow White" under the circumstances. ;)

Well, Snow White for a different reason other than skin color.

That, too.

Actually she is described as having very pale skin and very dark hair, in appearance only the Snow White thing applies

Thanks, Moe! Having never read the books, I have no clue.

LKH has used the "puppy pile" analogy way to many times. eeww.

Bestiality is the latest thing.

Typical midnless lkh drivelling nonsense. I WISH that she could remember how to write instead of using cut 'n paste.

ACTUALLY, should have spelled "MINDLESS" correctly!

Did she really write all that well to begin with? I know that plots can completely go downhill in later books, but unless the author is completely flaking on it, usually the writing is fairly consistent.

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