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*In California Valspeak*
"Like, sex is like, hard and everything. Like, you know, like you gotta, ummm, do it. And like, everything is, you know, like, umm.."

It's only one plus one, gimme a break.
It's not differential calculus or Trig..

I never had to take trig, thank god. Got a C in calculus.

Imagine if you had to use calculus in the bedroom.

Well, I admit that sometimes geometry comes into play. Positioning and all. Especially when you increase the number of people involved.

That's when leverage devices, pulleys, and ropes come into play.
Maybe some ramps as well.

Honestly? All that stuff just gets in the way. Two Queen size, or two king size (or in an *absolute pinch* two doubles) are better. Less room for injury.

Swings, pendulums, sounds like fun to me.

Those are better for 1-on-1 or 2-on-1. We have several of those... accoutrements.

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