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PffffHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, bless the phallus before you fuck. Good idea :-D

Ooooooo! Gissel cussed!

I cuss whenever it fits the occasion :-D I'm a writer, remember? I should not be afraid of ANY word.

"Bless you my child, and I shall now annoint you with holy sprinklings from the holy shaft of the gods."

Except the term "Unexperienced Editor."

I wanna know how her leg is bent at that angle.

Gumby structural body integrity.

This quote reminds me of that song of Madonna's that set the church on its ear! "Like a Prayer".

Great now it'll be in my head all night!

Wait... what leg was I talking about? I don't make a lot of sense sometimes...

I don't even know, but it works for me!

I'm nothing if not entertaining, I suppose.

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