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"Desire raced through her body"

And got a speeding ticket.

"and her fingers clenched"

Around the ticket.

"at the thought"

Of how much it was gonna cost her.

"of touching him."

Personal space violation, yellow flag on the play.
Penalty five pieces of clothing.

"Suddenly, crocodiles didn't seem like such a big deal."

Completely random crocodile out of nowhere!

Completely Random Crocodiles would be an AWESOME name for a band.

Were they making love in a river full of crocodiles? Doesn't sound very safe...

G, You don't read enough romance novels to realize that, when the mood hits, they'll have sex ANYWHERE. Because they're so impassioned that they can't control temselves.

Copmpletely Random Crocodiles and their smash hit "Death Roll of Love".

No, I don't read enough romance novels. My mind is full of documentaries about nature, and there it's very, VERY unsafe to make love in a pool full of crocodiles :-)

One would think. But they're unable to control themselves -- they have sex anywhere and anytime, whenever the mood strikes. Sexual desire is completely uncontrolable.

Well, if they keep making love in dangerous places, they'll soon become good candidates for a Darwin Award.

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