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So does that mean he's quick and is extremely fertile? Does it mean she's complaining about his sexual performance? His promising career is just that - in the making. Guess she can't hold out for the big bucks.

Unless his career IS making love like a rabbit. It's a niche profession, but he's famous in his field!

I guess it's the way he hops up from behind, lunges, grabs, and thrusts madly for a couple seconds before hopping away?

I have no memory of writing that comment. None at all. lol That scares me.

That's normal.
Happens pretty often to people who speak to me online.
Weird, right?

I think I'm just waaay too tired. My immune system is already thoroughly compromised, so when I get sick I get completely fried. But it was a funny comment, I think! lol

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