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"'Not want you!' he whispered again,"

It was true, really, but he whispered it so nobody would know the truth.

"then he entwined his legs tightly around hers"

Figure four leg lock!
And chickenwing!
Ooooh! Chickenwing!

"while his hands sought her breasts,"

Please press "1" for more options, "2" for ringtone, even if it sounds like a scream because your hands are cold.

"pressing and squeezing them like plush toys"

Soft and velvety, with a hint of gooey goodness.
Cadbury Breasts, the tasty treat no man can resist!

"in the hands of a greedy child."

Mine! Mine! Mine! All Mine!* -Daffy Duck.

Oh goody, spittle boobies. Just what we always wanted.

But they're CADBURY breasts!
Probably so uncomfortable in that foil wrapping that they're begging to be unwrapped.

Boobies generally ARE begging to be released. :D

*! !*
Now I'm hearing "Unleash the FURY!"

Or, like from Ready to Rumble: Foreign Objects! Bam!

He wasn't prepared, and suffocated willingly face down in them.

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