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My brain hurts. I think some brain cells fell out and trickled down Dumpling's thighs.

I love, love, LOVE this one.  UW picked it up today at the used book store.  It's... amazing.  THIS is the author that ghost writes for Fabio.  I think she's my new favorite.
*sigh*  Will there ever be one this perfect again?

Is it bad of me that I was reading it in the "Beel & Sookeh Stackhouse" voices?

*hasn't been around 'cause comp was being repaired*

*Horrified shout*

That was so confusing. I take it he's posing as Bobby? She sounds "one Jimmy short of a pair of Choos" as I read in a book today. She's that stupid? And what the hell kind of name is "Dumpling" - unless I guess they're referring to her brain.

Shannon - your brain hurts? Sounds like hers had been fried at some time.

Matt's Sis, we figured that Matt would let us know if something were wrong. Glad you're okay. Now join our forum. :D

D, Yeah, I think he was masquerading as Bobby. From what I can tell, Dumpling IS her name, though. I think I'll actually be reading this one.

Sis has been reading "over my shoulder" so to speak, so while she was on a loaner machine, she didn't post.
She was on, but preferred her machine for posting and such.
So nothing was truly wrong, she just didn't want to use a machine that wasn't hers for posting.
*picky picky!*

So she's particular. Nothing wrong with being particular. Now tell her to join our forum!

This is so bad that it's actually good :-D

I really do love it.

She looked at me like I sprouted wings and horns.
Of course, sis ALWAYS looks at me like I'm some bizarre hallucination.

That's what sisters are SUPPOSED to do. I look at my brothers that way. They confuse me to no end.

You're right. No caption needed. I don't even know where a person would begin to try to pinpoint that one.... wow. All I can say is wow.

It's even better when you read it aloud. I read it aloud to UW in parts, then he read it aloud to me. It was *amazing.*

That was....GLORIOUS.

Now why did I have the image of sticky backseat leather and a young Warren Oates?

(Not slammin' Mr. Oates here. I find him quite delicious.)

*closing eyes and humming, closing eyes and humming* I don't want to THINK about it.

Oh holy mother of all things made of eyebleach and earplugs, HELP us. So, so wrong.

If this is wrong, I don't wanna be right. I'm truly, madly, deeply in love with this quote.

ggrrrhh, all that action and he forgot to rip her bodice.

I don't think Bobby/Billy is quite educated enough to even know what a bodice is. He DID manage to actually deflower her, though, so perhaps he does have SOME clue.

Are they red necks? They are the voices I was hearing in my head.

They do appear to be southern/western of some sort. I don't know if they're actual rednecks, since I didn't read the book. Yet.

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