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"Sensation exploded within her loins"

Ah, a good detonated tenderloin sounds good.

"and she moved on his impalement,"

Vlad Tsepes liked it when they moved on the impalement.

"wanting satisfaction for the craving deep within her."

White Castle, it's what she craved.

Did you see the mythbusters episode where they used explosives to tenderize meat?

Damn. Now I want a white castle burger. I love those. Krystal's is a distant second, but there's not one of those around, either.

Unfortunately, there are no White Castles near me.

Aren't you in NJ? You should have some within a couple of hours drive, right? We'd have to go a good 4-6 hours each way. :(

Nope, lower NY not far from the NY/NJ/PA border.
16 miles to be picky picky about it.
Closest White Castle last I knew was in Long Island.

White Castle burgers are available in the frozen hamburger section in your neighborhood grocery store. May not be the same thing, but if you want it, frozen will do. But then I'm not picky.

Again the word "impalement." That is so NOT sexy!!

Matt, that stinks -- if you're going to be in NJ, there should at least be a White Castle around.

D, I've had them. They'll do in an absolute pinch, but they might as well be McDonalds. They're not even close.

G, No argument here.

She should have moved on his "Impaler", not impalement. Unless implement was supposed to be the word.

The author probably meant implement. But then again, no one ever said you had to be literate to write a romance novel.


Maybe it was implement, but that's even less sexy than impalement! So now I've got an image of pasta tongs in my head and it won't go away!

Sex tongs? Pasta toys? Even with my varied talents and imagination I can only come up with a few sexual uses for pasta tongs.

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