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Translation: What...who am I kidding...there is no reasonable way to translate this to something sexual. I've been aroused numerous times and have never felt as if I'd been slammed in the loins by a fist. Who the hell thought this crap up?

An old lady! http://freshfiction.com/images/authors/5850.jpg

It's been so long since she's gotten laid that she forgot what it was like.

That is no excuse for attempting to understand the sensation a man feels when he becomes aroused.

I stand by the statement that it in no way resembles being slammed by a fist in the loins.

Oh, I whole-heartedly agree. I've seen the result of men getting hit in the crotch. Very different from what I see when I give a blow job, for instance. In this case, I was merely pointing out that the person who thought it up was an old lady with dried out meat curtains.

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