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"She really shouldn't eat that on a first date" -sis from over my shoulder, which makes for horrible mental imagery when combined with the COVER IMAGE and TITLE.
"Accidental demon slayer" and there's a dog on the cover.
And evidently the guy is a seaweed demon whom she's going to devour with relish.
And his little dog too.

I only eat relish in tuna fish, which gives me many different ideas about this quote. Ideas that I'm not sure I want to think of... Mostly.

Yeah, that would be a bad line of thought to pursue.
Seaweed, relish, tuna.. yeah.

Well, was it really seaweed, or some leftover seamen? (spelling intentional). The relish? Well, it wasn't something he was very proud of. He was in too much of a hurry to clean off the hot dog before....... Thank God "Don't ask don't tell" hasn't been completely overturned!

Hm... It doesn't actually say she breathed it in from HIM, just that she did so when she touched his chest. That lends itself to some pretty frightening ideas.

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